See Lau Travel Sales Mentor Program

With 10+ years of experience in a professional level sales role, being recommended by other world class creators, speaking at multiple travel conferences as a speaker, having helped over 80 creators from around the world in the last 2+ years, let me teach you in a hands on experience how to land more brand deals & collaborations, get paid for your work, and really make this into a living! These are life skills you will use forever!

About the Program

This program has been developed for creators, travel writers, photographers, videographers, influencers, from beginners to professionals to improve their sales skills which will allow them to live the lifestyle they want. If you’re looking to travel the world for free, get collaborations and work with some of your favorite brands, let me help you with this in a 6 week program. I will be accepting a limited number of students each session in order to help them with many facets of their goals.

The program will consist of different approaches as well as opportunities to help cater to each student’s needs. I have a vast range of professional sales experience, including recently working with Four Seasons ResortsInterContinental HotelsRosewood Hotels, Banyan Tree, including The Soneva Brand. I’ve collaborated with, and worked with some of the largest content creators from Lost LeBlancExploring With Cody, and more! Even if you have a small to little following, let me start and help you establish yourself to achieve your goals! 

With 1-on-1 sessions tailored to your needs, I’ll ask you to think through what areas of your business or skills that you want to work on, and then we’ll examine and tackle them together.

You will have access to one of my email templates (while learning how to write an email), infographics and notes I’ve created, including insider knowledge through content and interviews with different decision makers!

See Below For some of the top of the line resorts, brands, and travel companies I’ve worked with in the last couple years on multiple occasions. I will teach you how to work with companies you dreamed of working with!

Lost LeBlanc

“It’s something that Chris has specialized in his whole life. It really drives home the point that sales and communication, is just and if not more important than your actual following.”

The Content You'll Have Access To!

Full interviews with Tourism Board, Hotel Managers, an interview with a Sales & Marketing Manager from a Four Seasons Hotel and more! Questions from “what is the best way to approach you for a collaboration?“, to “what do you look for in an influencer when they reach out to you” and many more industry knowledge questions that are answered for you! These are answers I wish I had as a smaller creator when I started off!

What You Can Expect

With knowledge from world class organizations like LinkedIn, Quicken Loans, and more, let me teach you and hold you accountable, in an approach that will allow you to live your life the way you want! I’ve added a significant amount of content and material, that will help you as a small creator make this into a lifestyle! It won’t be easy, so strap your boots in for the hard work, and get ready to learn! At the end of the day, my goal is to set you up for success!

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In a Google Hangout for 15 minutes, I'd like to make sure you're qualified for this mentor program. Besides budget, I want to make sure you have the drive, skillset, and and few other attributes so I am able to guarantee success!
Not everyone will be approved!

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Weeks 1-2

Building out your portfolio (media kit, website, etc), branding, understanding value, sales mindset, social media tips, Linkedin Training, having the right technology (email tracking, CRM, LinkedIn) and being prepared 🤓
Weekly Meetings via Zoom, Whats App, or Google Hangout.

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Weeks 3-4

Teaching proper outreach, up sell for paid work, email templates, how to find and reach the right decision makers, why to only pitch to decision makers, working smart instead of just working hard, understanding the prospects mindset to handling objections, and more 👨🏼‍💻
Weekly Meetings via Zoom, Whats App, or Google Hangout.

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Weeks 5-6

Fully understand sales cycle, how to respond and write emails, we will work together to get your first collaboration or project (show you all the steps to get a collaboration with your content). Graduate 🎉
Weekly Meetings via Zoom, Whats App, or Google Hangout.


Click the button below to signup for an interview! Not everyone is accepted into this program, and I look forward to speaking with each of you individually!

Contest For Students & Incredible Opportunities

Let Me Teach You 1 On 1

Let me teach you the sales skills to get collaborations, free hotels, free camera gear, get paid for your work, and really make this into a lifestyle in a 1 on 1, hands on personal approach.